Active Query Builder ActiveX Edition History

October 05, 2017

Active Query Builder ActiveX Edition v.1.28.0

+ Descriptions for database objects and fields are shown in hints in the
  Metadata Tree.
+ Minor SQL formatting improvements and bug fixes have been made.
= MySQL: Default server version is bumped to v.5.7.
= MySQL: The list of valid identifiers has been actualized.
+ MySQL: Support for DateDiff, TimeDiff, TimestampDiff functions has been
= PostgreSQL: The ComparisonOperators syntax provider property now stores
  only user-defined operators.
+ PostgreSQL: Support for "$n"-style positional params has been added.
- Several fixes for high resolutions have been made.

September 06, 2017

Active Query Builder ActiveX Edition v.1.27.12

+ DB2: Database objects description fetching for iSeries/AS400 has been

September 05, 2017

Active Query Builder ActiveX Edition v.1.27.11

- The bug with removing a derived table via the context menu command has
  been fixed.
- PostgreSQL: Parsing of string literals with ''-quoted apostrophes has 
  been fixed.
+ MS SQL Server: Support of SELECT into local var (SELECT @localVar = 10)
  has been added.
= Localization files have been updated, missing strings have been added.

August 18, 2017

Active Query Builder ActiveX Edition v.1.27.10

+ The new property ISelectListOptions.DropdownInExpressionColumn has been
  added. Turn it off to hide the drop-down list in the Expression column of
  the Query Columns Grid.

August 15, 2017

Active Query Builder ActiveX Edition v.1.27.9

- Localization fixes in Properties forms have been made.
- Correct column prefix is emitted for procedures and table-valued functions.
- Minor memory leaks have been eliminated.

August 02, 2017

Active Query Builder ActiveX Edition v.1.27.8

= Icons in the Union Navigation Bar and Query Columns List control are 
  correctly scaled now on High DPI monitors.
= ODBC: Metadata filters are now applied on loading objects from driver.

July 20, 2017

Active Query Builder ActiveX Edition v.1.27.3

- The bug with applying result column names for queries with asterisk items
  when fields aren't loaded yet has been fixed.
- Filtration by aggregated columns has been fixed.

June 24, 2017

Active Query Builder ActiveX Edition v.1.27.2

+ The Custom Expression Editor ellipsis button doesn't hide the combo box
  button in the inline editor of Expression column in the Query Columns
  Grid, but displayed next to it.
- The bug with incorrect loading of conditions joined with the topmost OR
  operator has been fixed.
- Access violation on pressing the TAB key in an empty Query Columns Grid
  control with an inactive editor has been fixed.
+ PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, Netezza: Support for expressions in
  LIMIT/OFFSET clauses has been added.

June 09, 2017

Active Query Builder ActiveX Edition v.1.27.1

+ Conditions for the same left part joined using the OR operator are merged
  into a single cell now. 
+ The new WhereNewLineBefore and HavingNewLineBefore properties have
  been added to IActiveQueryBuilderX.SelectFormat group to add new lines
  before the specified types of operators. Possible values are the
  following: None, TopmostOr, TopmostLogical, AllLogical. 
- IBM DB2: The bug with appending LIMIT OFFSET by the Query Transformer
  has been fixed. 
- Oracle: A workaround for Microsoft ODBC driver bug has been made. Fields
  are loaded now using the non-parametrized query if the parametrized query
- The bug with loading of CTE referred in a reverse order has been fixed. 
- MS SQL Server: Fake ORDER BY is added correctly now if there is no
  ordering in the transformed query. 
- Oracle: Loading of fields for synonyms has been fixed.

April 29, 2017

Active Query Builder ActiveX Edition v.1.27.0

+ MySQL: Support of MATCH full-text search operator has been added. 
= DB2: The list of available databases is taken from the driver now.
  (OLE DB or ODBC). 
- DB2: The bug with selecting table owner instead of table schema for 
  schema name has been fixed.
- Access violation on removing active CTE has been eliminated. 

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