Active Query Builder 3 WinForms Edition History

April 28, 2017

Active Query Builder 3 WinForms Edition v.

= ODBC Metadata Provider: Better detection of servers that don't support
  schemas has been made.
= SQL 92 Syntax Provider allows empty schema names now.

April 25, 2017

Active Query Builder 3 WinForms Edition v.

- Dependent options in the properties sidebar panel are correctly enabled
  now upon changing the main property.
- The bug with incorrect caret position, when word wrapping is turned on,
  has been fixed.

April 18, 2017

Active Query Builder 3 WinForms Edition v.

- SQL Text Editor: The ValidateContextMenu event has been fixed.
+ MySQL: Support of MATCH full-text search operator has been made.
= IBM DB2: The new DB2SyntaxProvider.ObeySchemaListFromDriver property has
  been added to ensure the priority of the list of objects received from 
  the metadata provider (True by default).
- IBM DB2: The bug with selecting table schema instead of table owner 
  for schema name has been fixed.
- The reference to MySql.Data assembly in MySQL metadata provider has been 
  updated to the version 6.9.9.

March 24, 2017

Active Query Builder 3 WinForms Edition v.

+ Captions on the Criteria Builder UI have been improved.
- DevExpress UI: After dragging a table object onto the Design Pane, a box
  flashed at two separate locations before the table object is positioned
  where it is dropped. Fixed now.
- DevExpress UI: The Link properties dialog drawing problem has been fixed.
- DevExpress UI: Dragging columns up and down in the Query Columns List has
  been fixed.
- DevExpress UI: The problem with drawing of SQL Text Editor background has
  been fixed.

March 21, 2017

Active Query Builder 3 WinForms Edition v.

= Database Schema view in the Expression Editor is now grouped by database
  and schema.
- The bug with grouping database objects by type has been fixed.
- Properties dialogs were inoperable if there's no Properties sidebar on 
  the form. Fixed now.
- DevExpress UI: The bug with the folder icons in the Database Schema Tree
  disappearing after collapsing has been fixed.
- DevExpress UI: Background color in the SQL Text Editor has been fixed.
- DevExpress UI: Renaming of user queries has been fixed.
- DevExpress UI: Keyboard shortcuts in the Query Columns Grid have been
- The DevExpress Separated Components demo project has been fixed and

March 17, 2017

Active Query Builder 3 WinForms Edition v.

+ Installer: Integration with Visual Studio 2017 has been added.
+ The new group of properties has been added to control properties of
  particular columns of the Query Columns Grid:
  This group contains a set of the following properties for each column in
  the grid: ExpressionColumn, AliasColumn, SortTypeColumn, SortOrderColumn,
  AggregateColumn, GroupingColumn, ConditionTypeColumn, CriteriaColumn.
  With these properties it is possible to change the order of columns in the 
  grid (Index), their visibility (Visible), header captions (Caption), get
  and set the width (Width) and specify auto sizing mode (AutoSizeMode).
= The QueryBuilder.QueryColumnListOptions.ColumnWidths group of properties
  is obsolete now.
= Default prefixes aren't skipped now in item captions in the Database
  Schema View.
= Oracle: Recognition of built-in constants has been improved.
= MS SQL: Recognition of built-in @@-named variables has been improved.
- The bug with removing of the "TOP n" clause in the query text has been 
- User Queries structure tree isn't reloaded now on every SQL query change.
- The View.Winforms.DevExpress assembly doesn't refer now to the
  View.Winforms assembly.
- The checkbox in the header of the Grouping box works properly now.
- A Query Columns List row is removed now on clearing the value of the
  Expression column.
= Constant expressions aren't appended to the grouping list now.

March 06, 2017

Active Query Builder 3 WinForms Edition v.

+ SQLite: Support for the IS operator ("expr IS expr") has been added.
= Automatic links creation for self-linked objects has been improved.
- The bug with re-applying metadata filters has been fixed.
- Minor bugfixes have been made.

February 27, 2017

Active Query Builder 3 WinForms Edition v.

+ Now when the user selects the query editing command, the
  UserQueriesView.EditUserQuery event is triggered, in which the developer
  can save the current query before opening the new one, or he can open the
  user query in a new window, the way it's done in the updated Full-featured
  demo project. Also, the events are now fired on deleting, renaming and
  moving user queries between the folders. You can review all API changes 
  in the release notes article.
+ The new helper class Core.UserQueries that consists of static methods has
  been added to perform various manipulations with user queries, such as
  adding, saving, moving, renaming them. It also has the means to save and
  load user queries serialized in XML format.
= The updated Professional Full-Featured demo project illustrates the new
+ The data browsing UI is improved in the Full-featured demo project. 
  It now uses the Query Transformer API to modify SQL queries.
+ The new MetadataLoadingOptions.AllowRecursiveVirtualObjects property
  allows specifying the mode of working with virtual objects. By default,
  referring to other virtual objects in the text of a virtual object is
  allowed. Such reference lets build a chain of objects to break complex
  queries in a series of simple ones. However, in this mode, you can't use
  the same-named physical object in a virtual object because of the emerging
  recursion. Setting this property to false prohibits creation chains of
  virtual objects, but allows to create virtual objects that substitute
  physical database objects.
+ The new SQLite metadata provider has been added.
= The Query Structure demo project has been refactored.
- Removal of unused objects from the query when the 
  QueryBuilder.BehaviorOptions.DeleteUnusedObjects property is turned to
  True has been fixed.
+ WinForms DevExpress UI: Query Columns Grid has been remade with DevExpress

January 27, 2017

Active Query Builder 3 WinForms Edition v.

+ The new SubQueryBreadcrumbsBar control has been made. It makes quickly
  switch to parent sub-queries.
+ The new ActiveUnionSubQueryChanging event has been added to the QueryView
  and QueryBuilder components. It lets deny switching to another sub-query
  that might be helpful if you let end-users edit the text of sub-queries
  apart from the main query, in the case of the sub-query text parsing
+ The new SubQueryTextEditingDemo project has been added to Professional 
  and Trial installation packages.
+ IBM DB2: The ListAgg function is supported now.
+ Query Statistics: The UsedDatabaseObjects and UsedDatabaseObjectFields
  collections now include invalid objects and fields being used in the
  query. They differ from valid objects by the absence of MetadataObject
  (for objects) and MetadataField (for fields) references.
= The QueryStructureDemo has been refactored.
- The bug with creating Link controllers has been fixed.
- MS SQL Server: DATEPART parser ambiguity has been fixed.
- Criteria Builder displays selected value in the format of the
  current culture.
- The bug in the Navigation Bar controller has been fixed.

January 24, 2017

Active Query Builder 3 WinForms Edition v.

+ The new SQLite metadata provider has been added.
+ Usability of Expression Editor is improved now with the new dockable panels.
+ SQL Text Editor with syntax highlighting is used now to edit joining 
  expression in the Properties bar and dialog.
+ Ability to deny switching to another sub-query has been made. It lets handle
  parsing errors while editing the text of sub-query apart from the main query.
  Handle the ActiveUnionSubQueryChanging event and set the e.Abort parameter 
  to true to deny sub-query changing.
+ Now it's possible to select multiple rows and drag them to reorder columns 
  in the SELECT list.
+ DevExpress: Query Columns Grid has been remade with DevExpress controls.
+ PostgreSQL: Support of materialized view, TOAST tables and foreign tables 
  has been made. 
+ Oracle: Support of the "AT TIME ZONE" clause has been added.
+ Firebird: Column name definition after alias in the FROM clause is supported 
- The bug with not saving the layout of objects after parsing of modified 
  query has been fixed.
- The bug with loading of Query Transformer commands has been fixed.
- Minor fixes in the SQL Text Editor have been made.
- Default UI culture is used to format values in Criteria Builder.
- MySQL: Parsing of DATE, TIME, and DATETIME types as keywords has been fixed.

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